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Dave Andrews Party Magic

Many thanks to the parents of the birthday stars, whose photos are on this page, for giving me their permission to feature their child.

Thanks also to the birthday people for being such great party people and making my job very special and enjoyable.

Can you spot the special birthday badges? Remember, if I see you at any birthday party wearing this badge, there will be a small present for you - now there's a challenge!
These badges are only given to the birthday child, so they really are 'special'.
Photos appear only with the name of the birthday child, as agreed with the parents - again, many thanks to the parents and the birthday stars.

Just click on the smaller photo to see them full size


Theo said 'It was the best party, ever'!

Stephen is loaded
with balloons!

Cameron becomes a magician.

Taylor (better known as Batman, worldwide) has the magic bag!

Grace is helpless with laughter!Photo by Tessa Clements (see links page)

Jasmine is obviously happy with her balloons

Lucy 'magishes' with Dave

Lauren & Thomas